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Firefly is in pre-production now! A feature film written, produced, and directed by Mikel Cvetanovic. A Focus Films production. Inquire below.

The first real steps toward motion picture production were the result of experiments in "persistence of vision". Investigation of the subject was stimulated by a scientific paper presented in London, England, by Peter Mark Roget in 1824. Roget's paper, "Persistence of Vision with Regard to Moving Objects", led investigators to try to build devices that would test his theory. From that small start, here we are today.

First Time Again Synopsis: Your first love may end, but it will last forever. Your first true love will never end, but you may not last forever. All Mikel and Jill know is that love is life and life is love. What if that love were to suddenly leave, as if erased from your life? What if that love never existed? Is it possible to have a first time again? Scott and Phil, Mikel’s best buddies, have a completely different take on the “love” thing. To them, love, along with beer, are simply tools that are used to get sex. Mikel, Scott, and Phil take a journey together and at the same time, apart, in discovering what true love really is..  

Hi, this is Mikel Cvetanovic.  I wrote, produced, and directed First Time Again.   If you would like to contact me for a free DVD or tape or just for yuks, click on

Have fun!

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